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     Jamie was great! Our wedding was awesome and she nailed it. It was a non-religious affair we built from scratch, taking customs from here and there, making up others as we went along. It was important that our officiant was in on the construction, and we couldn't have asked for a better one than Jamie. 
She met with us before the date, helping us plan and providing useful guidance. She was easy to work with, attentive to our needs, and insightful when it came to melding the different elements we wanted to include. 
     When Jamie spoke in front of our guests, she commanded their attention with her words and presence. She wove captivating tales of our life, our love, and our journey together, inviting everyone to take part in the union that was taking place. 
     Our wedding is a day we won't ever forget, and we thank Jamie for helping make it so special.

Evan & Kim

married June 21, 2014

     Jamie was the perfect choice as officiant for our wedding! Working with her was a true collaboration and we trusted her implicitly. We wanted something non-traditional and Jamie honored all our ideas while using her own experience to shape them into a cohesive and personalized ceremony. We met several times to discuss what we were looking for in terms of atmosphere, sequencing, and specific moments. Jamie then sent us a draft and we were able to offer adjustments and edits.

     During the actual ceremony, Jamie was well-organized, charming, and respectful: the ultimate professional. She made our guests laugh out loud and pull out the Kleenex, yet Jamie made sure that my husband and I were the stars of the show. Many of our family and friends commented on what an amazing job she did – my mother is still talking about it! I highly recommend Jamie x 1,000!

Rob & Nicole

married October 8, 2016

     Jamie emceed our wedding this year and it was absolutely perfect. She displayed a great deal of wit and charm and also helped keep things moving and organized. We couldn't be happier with how it was handled.

Colin & Giana

married July 16, 2017

Nova & Paul

married October 20, 2018

     Jamie did an amazing job officiating our wedding. We couldn't have asked for better. She was there for us. To help, to support, to make our wedding day as special and unique as we are. She met with us several times leading up to the wedding. She gave us a questionnaire to fill out to help build the ceremony. It really helped us create the vision of what our ceremony would look like. We wanted a nondenominational ceremony and were at a loss for how to build that, but Jamie helped ease the stress of how we were going to fill the time.

     When the day came and we got to hear our ceremony, it was better than we imagined! Jamie had picked up on inside jokes and personal things in those meetings and that questionnaire and added them to the ceremony. She did this in small ways that my husband and I got but didn't interrupt the flow or go over the guests' heads. Jamie created a witty, heartwarming ceremony which we'll always value. I highly recommend her, it will make planning your wedding easier!

Hosting Trivia

Jamie's great because she cares. In the past when I've dealt with her, she was always available at a second's notice to deal with concerns or surprises, and my satisfaction was a priority for her. As a performer, she brings life and energy that makes anything she does that much more special.

– Adam Nedeff

Quizzer & presenter with Home Game Enterprizes at the

Trivia Championships of North America

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Lots of fun — Jamie was a great host. Everyone had a good time and said it was one of the better team outings they’ve been on.


– Noah S.

Private client

Thanks for a great event! Jamie and Giana were super entertaining.


– Patrick F.


Jamie Rosler's hosting abilities are as fantastic as pizza! Almost. Except for pizza with extra cheese. But you know what's not cheesy? Her jokes!


I was very hungry when I wrote this.


Ryan P.A. Walsh

Theatre colleague

That's a no-brainer...


– Michelle B.

Bartender at Murphy's Tavern

Jamie's got a nice face.

– Lucy D.

Writer, producer, friend

You're fun to watch work beautiful woman. I loved the way you keep stupid comments in check and keep the flow going.

– Wayne S.

Jamie's boyfriend

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